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Saturday, November 9th, 2013

At Neto’s Market & Grill in Santa Clara

1313 Franklin St, Santa Clara, CA 95050

With Special Guests:

House Rocker Horns


Corduroy Jim


Saturday November 9th we will be hosting a birthday bash, "Scorpio Style", for Corduroy Jim & Grampa’s Chili drummer Michael Palladino and our own, Jerry from BlissNinnies.

Corduroy Jim will open this very special show for a reunion of BlissNinnies featuring CJ keyboardist & vocalist Nick Chargin, Grampa’s Chili guitarist & vocalist Victor Manning, Grampa’s Chili's Jerry Brown on bass, and The English Language & Aardvark drummer Mark Danley rounding things out.

This is a truly rare happening as BlissNinnies have not played a show together since Aug 2011. Corduroy  Jim will play a fun filled set with some surprises for you and Bliss Ninnies will close it out with two sets chalk full of zany shenanigans.

What is there not to like? Get your presale tickets from the bands ahead of time and assure yourself a spot for the party of the year!!


Okay, Fine... We may look like Hippies, but don't let those tie-dyes fool you, nor the face-splitting grins. BlissNinnies have been walking the Earth causing all sorts of mirth and merriment and musical mayhem since 1990. These years the long hair is gone, the music may have changed, but . . .

BlissNinnies bring a rich repertoire of high-energy, Butt-Rockin' and Toe-Tappin’ music born from the confluence of musical traditions spanning diverse cultures, a background of Jazz, Electronic, and Modern Art music, peppered with forays into American Folk, Rock & Roll, and Rhythm & Blues traditions. It might even be called 'psychedelic,' depending on what you're using.

Yet the world still thinks we're a frickin' (
Grateful Dead reference DELETED) cover band.

What does it take, a CD ??? Well, We Got One !!

Our Studio Effort,
" Yesterday's Child "
Available here

Want to hear us play live ??? Try This Link ...





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